Nintendo betrieb in den 50ern und 60ern eine Kette von Sex-Hotels

Nintendo SexhotelsDer Konzern erzeugte in dieser Zeit hauptsächlich Spielkarten. Der damalige CEO Hiroshi Yamauchi erkannte aber schnell, daß es in diesem Bereich keine großen Wachstumsmöglichkeiten gab. Er expandierte in ein paar neue Projekte unter anderem in ein Taxi-Unternehmen, eine Instant-Reis-Marke und eine Kette von Sexhotels.


In the 50s, Nintendo CEO Hiroshi Yamauchi (Fusajiro’s grandson—every Nintendo CEO, with the exception of the most recent, has been somehow related to the founder) realized that the company was never going to be REALLY, REALLY BIG as long as they were just making playing cards. Using new capital from a franchising deal with Disney, he started expanding into a variety of bizarre new ventures—a cab company, an instant rice brand, even (and I am so totally not even remotely making this up) a chain of sexhotels, which Yamauchi himself was said to frequent sans wife. (In a nice nod to history, today some Japanese sex hotels have begun offering Nintendo Wii rental along with your hourly-charged room).